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Chromemaster Guitar

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Revolutionary Hybrid Pickup System (Pat. Pend)
Dual Amplified Body Chambers
Lavalier/Piezo/Tele/P-90 Pickup Blend Preamp
Individual Volume,Tone And Blend Controls
Carbon Graphite Center Cap
Alder Body
Composite Neck
Stetsbar Trem
Graph Tech Tuners


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Next Generation Tone Machine


The Chromemaster ™ represents the future of guitar with a revolutionary design and modern features. This ultimate tone machine is hand-crafted with the finest materials and outfitted with a unique hybrid pickup system that expands the expressive nature of the instrument. 


From the shimmering sounds of an acoustic to the roaring rage of a P-90, the Chromemaster is a fiercely independent instrument for today's professional guitar player. 


Chromemaster Guitar ™

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